The White House of Humiliation

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Webcast Title: The White House of Humiliation
Webcast Date: 07/14/2009 (Rerun)
Length: 31:57 Minutes
(July 14, 2009) “…Yediot Aharanot hard copy this morning reported Mr. Frederick Hoff is in the country for a few days, sent from Washington on a project that Mr. Hoff has apparently been working on for years now: how to divide the Golan Heights between Israel and Syria to please both sides enough to make peace.”And his solution is to create a kind of nature reserve along the Kinneret/the Sea of Galilee open to both Israelis and Syrians. It is a practical scheme that rests on the distinction that Fred Hoff makes between sovereignty and control. He wants to place formal sovereignty of this nature reserve in Syrian hands but afford Israelis unfettered access without passports. He thinks this will also become an international tourist attraction to the benefit of both countries. As for the Israeli settlements, the communities of Jews in this area today, well, they will no longer be Israeli communities.

“Fred Hoff has been on the case on what to do about the Golan Heights in order to make peace between Israel and Syria since 2001, and he believes his plan will deal effectively with the ‘psychological obstacles to peace found on both sides…’

“…When have the powers in Damascus ever known peace? When has an Arab government never feared for subversives trying to overthrow it from within or enemies outside its borders? The Arabs have never known peace between themselves and thus are not particularly troubled by the fact that they don’t have peace with Israel.

“The Arabs at bottom, I believe, know the score: that by demanding of Israel what they know Israel can’t surrender,  perpetuate the status quo of hostility, justify it, prolong it, and this leads to attention on the world stage…”

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