The Sabbath is Everything

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So talk of Trump Peace Plan was a top story and related was the threat by Secretary of State Tillerson to shut down the PLO office in Washington. These international outlaw terrorist criminals have turned to the International Court of Justice in The Hague to persecute Israel, which is against its own word in previous negotiations. Tillerson said the PLO has to withdraw its case or see its Washington office shut and padlocked.

In any case, in all candor, I now read such stories quickly with a jaundiced eye, for any continuation of the Oslo Process, and the current diplomatic dance is that, is doomed to fail. It is forgotten that the Two-State Solution which remains official policy in Washington, the UN, Russia, was the brainchild of these post-Jewish fools, Rabin, son of an ardent communist, Peres, youthful Marxist philosopher, Beilin, proud post-Jewish atheist and cohorts in academe, all of whom knew nothing of the enemy. So it is illogical to continue to use the same terms, ideas and concepts of the Oslo Peace Process. A whole new set of ideas and concepts must arise to meet the reality that the Oslo delusionists never could…