The Non-Jewish Jew

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So there is to be a new government with the backing of 61 MKs only, which no one expects to last, and the result is toxic cascades of verbal nastiness. JPost’s political reporter Gil Hoffman wrote under the headline, “Time for Revenge” for those politicians who have felt slighted by the prime minister, and what is significant is that none of them is politically opposed to him. For sure, Boojie Herzog sneered but of course, he is the opposition. In contrast, the MSM today was full of politicians of the right who have a score to settle with Netanyahu for his mistreatment of them.

Notice this has little to do with policy and everything with personal ego. And I suspect that the common denominator is all those offended by him felt he did not see things their way and did not treat them as equals.

And I think this is a legacy of the dominant Zionist Left that led the Israelis into independence with their half-baked notions of democracy, half-baked in part because most of them grew up abroad in countries with no strong history of liberal democracy. For them, these social democrats, a government was a committee, as in the central committee of the Communist Party in the Soviet Union…