The Immorality of Peace with Them

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And now, because there was not much news today in Israel, we can turn to what’s happening in Europe. We know that official Belgium recently aggressed against the Jews by outlawing the Jewish method of slaughtering animals for food, and in the UK another chapter in the ongoing aggression of the government there against Jews in the Haredi community who do not teach their children there is nothing wrong with sodomy, nothing wrong 24-7 transvestism misdescribed as transgenderism, nothing wrong with lesbianism, the whole gamut of sex perversity now called the LGBTQ community. The government has a law that all school children must be told about the variety of behaviors a person can engage in his reproductive and excretory systems. And if a school does not teach that to their children, this is a crime…