The Holocaust: Why?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And here were the Europeans, Christian and Muslims, slaughtering Jews wholesale in the name of a pre-Christian, atavistic return to paganism. Hitler hated not only Jews but Christianity for being “too Jewish,” for worshipping a gentle, “turn the other cheek” Jesus. Hitler was enthralled by Wagner’s operatic staging of pre-Christian pagan myths, of warriors, gods and demi-gods, Rhine maidens and Valkyries. And in the Nazis’ anti-Jewish, anti-Christian delirium they were determined to destroy the Jews once and for all, and Christianity, and return German to its pre-Christian, pagan world of clashing gods and mythical creatures.

Nazism was a war to the death with the Jews whose G-d staged that world-historical moment, Avraham wielding a knife over the son his has tied up like an animal in order to tell the world He was pagan god who reveled in human sacrifice. Just the opposite. It was a match made in heaven. Hashem and his prophet who was the kindest man in the world. Which is why Islam pilfers Judaism a second time by claiming to be an Abrahamic religion. The brutality, the sadism, the cruelty of this culture, is evidence Islam cannot be Abrahamic…