The Euro-Mind at Work

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…This view of history and truth was on display yesterday in three important European cities: Luxembourg, Brussels and Geneva in a kind of a three-way, Jew-bashing barrage backing this generation’s notion of a “Palestinian people” fighting the Jews as surely as their alleged ancestors the Philistines — whence cometh the word Palestine – were at war with them for centuries in the age of the Judges.

It took hundreds of years for the Children of Israel to obliterate Philistine life in Eretz Yisrael, and it seems that in our return from exile, we once again have to fight and vanquish the Neo-Philistines so beloved in Europe. It was in a vote in the European Parliament; in a separate decision in the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and the implicit condemnations in Geneva at the Fourth Geneva Convention meeting boycotted by the U.S., Canada and Australia for its naked antiJewism.

This was the No. 1 story in Israel on the international beat today, competing for attention with the adolescent name-calling that passes for campaigning for elections. The Prime Minister was outraged. He accused these pro-Balestinian Europeans of hypocrisy, Europeans who learned nothing from the Holocaust…