The Anti-Reform Jew Bill

Internet Radio

Program Link: ‘International Criminal Court has no jurisdiction over Israel’
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…These Reform Jews are annoying no less in their refusal to face the truth according to every population survey. They are not reproducing. What they are doing is no longer tethered to Jewishness and for their lack of intellectual integrity alone they must be told in no uncertain terms what they do is not Jewish and an aggression against the millions of Orthodox Jews. Their claim to be representatives of most of the Jewish people who are not Orthodox is nonsense.

Israel is a free enough country. No government has stopped Reform Jews from living here and building temples. No government has given them money as the Orthodox establishment gets money, but otherwise they have been free to spread their wisdom and attract adherents.

Trouble is, since their doctrine is empty, they have no significant following and Israel is under no obligation to recognize their right to execute their bogus imitation of Jewishness at the Western Wall…