The Age of Peres

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Webcast Title: The Age of Peres
Webcast Date: 07/11/2010
Length: 33:29 Minutes
(July 11, 2010) …I say, “Enough.” I’ve expressed my belief before that without the handshake on the White House Lawn there would have been no 9-11. Terror pays. First the Europeans and then the Americans and then the Israelis sank down to their knees before the PLO, before Arafat and recognized that devil as a legitimate player and institutionalized now almost 17 years of negotiating with that murderer’s sidekick Abbas who sat next to Arafat on the White House lawn.

The original sin of Oslo was the decision to trash the principle of not dealing with such evil men as Arafat and Abbas, to engage them in negotiations.

Men like these, these butchers of innocent people in terrorist atrocities deserve not negotiations but only to be hunted down and killed.

Not only is that the moral thing to do, it is the smart, strategic thing to do, for negotiations get you nowhere except deeper into the slime and the last 17 years have been proof of that…

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