Stealing from the Jews

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Everybody wants a piece of the action. What is Christianity if not the claim of being the religion of the Jews’ Messiah? Christians claim ownership of the Jewish concept of Messiah, ownership and definition. The Catholic Church claims to be the True Israel. In effect, they claim ownership over the word Israel too.

The word christ/khristos is the Greek translation of Moshiach, meaning “anointed.” Christianity is worship of the anointed of the Jews.

Then there is Islam where the envy is on display in broad daylight under a scorching Middle Eastern sun at high noon. Islam the name like Christianity as a name points to Jewishness, so Islam points to the Jewish story of Hashem testing Avraham’s faith by commanding him to bind his son as as if for sacrifice, only then does not make Avraham go through with it. Islam means “submission” and the Muslims venerate submission like a slave to Allah only they misunderstand the G-d of Avraham who most certainly does not want his chosen people to be slaves. He is the G-d of the greatest jailbreak rebellion of slaves in history. He is the G-d opposed to human chattel slavery…