Slaves of their Hatred

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…If I accomplish nothing in my deprogramming career but the following, I will die happy. The other day, another webcast, I explained how three things make in a believing Jew, and one of them being antisemitism. And if I accomplish nothing but teaching Jews to marvel at it and take pride in it as much as they rightly fear it, I will be a happy man.

In a way, I think I have learned to respond to massive votes at the UN like Obama and Kerry’s Res. 2334 with a big smile precisely because I see all these countries paying inadvertent homage to the holy truth the Jewish religion. I see in all the countries at the UN in unison snarling at Israel as slaves of their antiJew passion, which is a connection they have as strong as any believing Jew to HaShem…