Remembrance and Revival

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So this latest mugging with rockets from Gaza, this armed robbery — Rashi taught us that Ishmael became an armed robber — this latest, homicidal aggression has ended, simultaneously with the promise from Qatar of like a half a billion dollars to the Muslim Brothers in the Gaza Strip that Israel foolishly calls Palestinians, when I say the rocket launchers boys working for Islamic Jihad and HAMAS are not “Palestinians.” These are not nationalist freedom-fighters. They are Muslim holy warriors whose barbaric religion throws holy water on murdering those who are not Muslims. Islam is a sick imitation of the religion of Abraham, especially of the Jewish religion and our belief in owning a very tiny piece of land, which Islam perverts into thinking the whole world should belong to them. The Jews just want this little country for themselves as G-d promised; the Muslims believe they have the right to overrun the whole world. Its expansionist fuel is basic to the religion. The Jews strive to set an example for the world; Islam claims a license to force their religion down other people’s throats, and history does not lack for episodes in which Muslims literally rampaged through pagan communities, murdering raping, looting, forcing people to convert or be killed. This is not the religion of Abraham as they claim…