Radical Islamic Terrorism? Ha.

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And what is hypocrisy? Doing the evil that one accuses others of doing. Classic example: Hitler accusing the Jews of wanting to overrun the world, at the same time his Nazi Youth Organization, the Hitlerjugend were singing Heute Deutschland, Morgen Der Gantze Velt / “Today Germany, tomorrow the entire world.” This was a youth movement whose youngsters were encouraged to see themselves as the Master Race destined to overrun and dictate to the entire world. Hitler’s notion of the Master Race is not accidentally reminiscent of the Chosen People as a nickname for a nation, a mirror image, in which left is right and right is wrong, of the Jewish idea of Chosenness, chosen to live a life of commandments and thereby set an example to the world of human potential. People can be better than they are…