“Protest Demonstrations”?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Many analysts like Gen Jack Keene on FOX are clearly disappointed. As a military man, he knows of where he speaks. But as a military man, he is no diplomat, and it is likely the attack was as soft as it was because it was the baptism of fire for both England and France. I think it is a real accomplishment, and in order to get them on board, Trump had to compromise with them.

France is functionally becoming a vassal state of the Muslim Empire via the peaceful invasion of Muslims whom Macron must deal with.

Likewise Teresa May. If the English continue down the road of giving in to Islam inside the UK, they too will become a vassal state. London now has a Muslim mayor and not coincidentally it has become far more murderous than New York.

That Trump got them to be violent at all against a Levantine tyrant was an accomplishment…