Progressive Jews

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Excerpt from this day’s program:

…It is this generation in general that also produces students of Jewish extraction who do not live Jewish lives and like their fellow snowflakes cannot tolerate ideas they don’t agree with. Hence, the academic horror this week at Princeton of all places in which a gaggle of Jews who support the principle Jew-killers in this generation prevented a speech by Deputy Foreign Ministress Tsipi Hotovely. They created a petition protesting her as a racist because she denies the existence of the Ancient Palestinians whose entire country Zionists like her allegedly stole from them and won’t give back.

Her talk was set for last night at Princeton’s Center for Jewish Life which apparently answers to the Hillel foundation of mostly Reform Jews but was cancelled when a group calling itself the Alliance of Jewish Progressives objected and won the day. The Center for Jewish Life did not hold, to borrow from great Irish poet William Butler Yeats, and canceled her talk as demanded by these progressives. That is the substantive in their name; Jewish is only an adjectival modifier…