Perfectly Balanced

Internet Radio

Excerpt from the program that first ran on May 27, 2014:

…Worse, in politically correct fashion, the fashion of this generation’s Arab and Muslim suicide-massacre freaks, when escorted to the Israeli memorial to these victims in order to match his unscheduled homage to the security barrier, the Pope acted out the same body language but said, “I pray for all these victims, and for the victims of terrorism in the world.”

This is standard antiJew procedure in our time. Singling out Jewish suffering if only for a moment is a no-no. Focusing the mind just on the persecution of Jews, commonly as a result of some satanic fever in the brain, is not allowed. One may mention antisemitism and the suffering of the Jews due to it but then one must immediately bring similar hates and persecutions. You know, like on International Holocaust Day in January. Speakers commonly groan over the Holocaust of the Jews and the scourge of racism wherever it is found. “We remember the Holocaust and the persecution of Muslims at the hands of homicidal Islamophobes; of sexist chauvinism against women; against illegal aliens and sodomites, and in particular lesbian illegals. We cry over those who have suffered for being short, the victims of heightism, and bald guys for being laughed at…”