Obama’s Normal Muslim Obsession

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…He was not more than ten minutes into being president of the United States of America when he oh so subtly insulted, demoted, belittles the Jews. Singing the cliché praises of America as a great melting pot, he spoke not of its Judeo-Christian culture but a county of “Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus.” From being the acknowledged second religion in America, Obama saw Muslims displacing Jews, taking their place and pushing them back to third place. He had said in his campaign that he was going to “fundamentally change” this country and I saw with my own eyes at JFK Airport how he opened the gates to a million legal Muslims and who knows how many more illegal Muslims.

As commander in chief, he also dramatically reduced the size of US forces in the Persian Gulf that Israel could rely on as a back-up in an attack on Iran…