Obama’s Enduring Threat

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Put another way: The handshake on the White House lawn was a massive deception, on a par with Obama claiming to have converted and become a Christian. Taqqiya, dissembling, lying, a way of life with these people. It is a way of hiding in public.

Dating from the age of Noah and the Great Flood, and their ancestor Ham, whose crime was exposure, the Arabs have been a people of veils and burkas and hijabs. Of covering up in public.

Cultural anthropologist Ruth Benedict brilliantly categorized guilt cultures vs. shame cultures, and that most definitely is Arab culture. A shame society as a mechanism of social control.

The Arab religion’s symbol is also a crescent moon that too is a form of covering up. A crescent moon exposes only one side. The rest is hidden in darkness…