Muslims Know No Guilt

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Excluding the Chinese and the Indians with their populations mind-boggling size, most of the world is either Christian or Muslim, and what are they if not rooted in the story of G-d commanding our Avraham to bind his son Yitzhak for a human sacrifice.

Perhaps He knew man learns best not only through wise words but action, the acting out of a lesson, dramatizing it if you will. HaShem sent the 10th generation descendent of Shem son of Noah to the Land of Canaan to launch the process of dispossessing the Canaanites of the Land they occupied at the nexus of the three major continents, Europe, Asia, Africa.

HaShem tells Avraham that in four hundred years’ time, a nation will come from him that will dispossess the Hamitic wild men of the land and implant the spirit of Shem son of Noah. And what a nice and curious coincidence that the very same name, Shem, became for Jews the proper, respectful way of speaking about the ineffable Creator…