Kushner’s Misdiagnosis

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So I am not overly concerned over the top concern in Israel’s MSM today. which was the current peregrination of Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt and a State Department chaperon to various Arab states talking up their answer to the Oslo Abomination that failed big time.

Naftali Bennett is warning that Netanyahu will be putty in their hands and go along with them, as he said, creating a Palestinian state bordering Route 6, a major highway.

I personally am not worried because I doubt that these two American Jews have the knowledge and the wisdom to design a peace plan that works when no one ever has, going back to the Mandate that never fulfilled its mission; to the Partition Plan of 1947, likewise. I have no reason to believe Kushner and Greenblatt have had much experience with Islam, with a confirmation of that thought today when told of Kushner advertising to his Arab hosts the economic dimension of his plan, which tells me he has misdiagnosed the malady. Uncle Shimon the visionary foresaw turning Gaza into Singapore, and never mind the Chinese are very smart and the Arabs in Gaza are not. There is a reason why major multinational corporations produce their products in China and not Egypt or Algeria. It is the quality of the people in China vs. those in Araby…