Kerry’s Fantasy Life

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…It is holy land also, I think, because of what it does to men’s minds. We all know the Jerusalem Syndrome, a passing, temporary mental disorder that affects some people who go to the city for the first, and I’ve long thought that the very idea of the Jew has a similar mental effect on others without ever coming to the Holy Land.

And I think one piece of evidence for that was on display at the State Department yesterday out of the mouth of the Secretary of State, son of a Halachically Jewish father, who laid down Six Principles for Peace, one of them being the following: “Jerusalem should not be divided and become the capital city for both peoples.”

And I find the mind at work simply daft for imaging something like this unknown in the history of the human race, the history of peoples and nations. Not only has there never been such a capital, he fantasizes two people basically locked in embrace, one of whom has a record of conscienceless brutality against the other. The mind that can fantasize a shared capital in Jerusalem imagines a harmony between Jews and Muslims unknown in their 14 centuries-long relationship. It does not imagine that the Palestinian government might to name a street after one of this people’s homicidal Muslim butchers of defenseless, innocent Jews, and the Israeli side would not protest?