Kerry’s Bloviation

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In his opening remarks to his audience, and interviewer the Jew-Boy journalist Jeffrey Goldberg, Kerry asked for a show of hands of those in support of the Two-State Solution, and of course and he judged the response this way: “Okay, it’s the vast majority of people here. How many of you don’t, and are willing to say so. There’s one hand up, two, maybe a few of you don’t want to say so” and, then according to the transcript, an anonymous audience member said “Yeah” and that was followed by laughter.

And there you have it. John Kerry, once a solemn altar boy, was basically asking the audience to pledge allegiance to the flag of the two-state solution and the expulsion of hundreds of Jews for which it stands. Most did, but there was the nervous recognition that some people were afraid to speak their minds in this matter. Why does the Spanish Inquisition come to mind at this point, priests grilling frightened people, accusing them of the being secret Jews?