Israel’s Unpatriotic Movies

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…No, in the mid-19th century of Darwin, Huxley, Spencer and Marx, the Jews were dubbed a race, when that plainly is false. Israel today is arguably the most racially mixed state in the world, created over 150 years by Jews coming here from over 100 countries and showing that in their appearance. All colors of the skin, hair textures, shape of the eyes. There have always been converts and I have prayed in minions with people who started life as Ethiopians, Burmese and Peruvian Indians.

Yet what is the central accusation of our time? Israelis are racists toward the Ancient Palestinians, the real, authentic national owners of Palestine, evidence just this week in yet another Israeli-made movie that took second prize at the Venice Festival, another one bashing IDF soldiers, which of course contradicts and attacks the national ethos in Israel as having the most moral army in the world…