Israel’s Truth Will Out

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Program Link: Analysis: Burying linkage between peace process, Iran
(November 30, 2010) …It also came out in these leaks that in Qatar, Sen. John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, paid a visit and told Qatari leaders that indeed, even though Syria supports Hezbollah, Israel must return the Golan to Syria and not only that: Jerusalem must become the capital of the Ancient Ones.

In other words, John Kerry supports Muslim rule over the Temple Mount, which is what they demand. And one supposes John Kerry is constitutionally incapable of thinking otherwise, of seeing the world through Jewish eyes. He is, after all, the grandson of two paternal grandparents, the grandfather having been a direct descendant of Aaron the High Priest, brother of Moses. Before the name was Kerry, it was Kohn, who shmaded himself – that’s Yiddish from the Hebrew meaning he converted to another religion, in this case Roman Catholicism. Shmad comes from the Hebrew verb to annihilate, so that a Jew who converts to another religion “annihilates” himself as a Jew and joins forces with non-Jews who want to annihilate the Jewish people.

John Kerry as a teenager went St. Paul’s School, the posh St Paul’s School for Boys in Concord, New Hampshire, no Jews allowed.

I wish someone like Bibi would sit down with this man and open his eyes to the fact that Syria lost the Golan Heights as result of its years of murderous aggression against Israel, and Israel is morally no more obligated to hand it back to Syria than today’s Czech Republic must hand back land taken from Germany after World War II. To demand that Israel do this is morally disgusting.

Someday, G-d willing, Israelis will learn to present our struggle in the same light as the struggle of Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King, Jr. These Muslims, these Arabs, deny to us Jews what the white South Africans denied to black South Africans: freedom; what Southerners in America between the Civil War and the 1960s denied to Negroes: their rights.

What the antiJews have done over the last generation is turn the truth upside down: Islam held Jews down under Islamic apartheid dhimmi laws for fourteen centuries and has never been able to see the injustice of that. The truth is not that Zionism is a form of racism. Islam is.