Islam: Religion of Hate

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Program Link: ISIS Exposes the True Reason Why It Hates the West
Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so is Islam a totalitarian system of rule that must be faced squarely and honestly, and that must include dropping the terms “radical Islam, Muslim extremist, Islamism and Islamist.” The problem with these newly minted words is that they all try to split Islam between the silent majority and the violent extremists who do not allegedly represent Islam and the non-threatening majority.

What is wrong with that is it takes no account of the reality that while the majority is non-violent, it applauds those who are. After 9-11, 60% of the Arabs polled believed it was a Mossad trick in order to make the world hate Arabs, to humiliate them, and I’d bet that the same 60% would agree that if the perpetrators were truly devout Muslims, they were just paying the West back for its aggression and insults, that 9-11 was justified. Remember that bin-Ladin hit the World Trade Center in New York because he believed it truly was the world headquarters of trade run by the Jews in the most populous Jewish city in the world…