Islam Hates Life

Internet Radio

…Think of the Far East where statures of the Buddha in some countries show a diamond in the middle of his forehead, the third eye of wisdom.

Think now of the Muslim at prayer in which he presses that very spot into the floor so hard over time he flattens his forehead and gives himself a permanent black and blue mark. For Muslims, piety is the blinding of the third eye of wisdom, crushing it. Piety is unthinking, mindless obedience and a rejection of this life as not good enough.

How often we have heard madmen like Hassan Nasrallah boast that in the clash between Believers and al-Yahud and the West, the Believers will win because they love death and the West loves life.

How true. The Torah teaches choose life, and the Torah has not a word about an afterlife. It is all about living a righteous life in this world, this beautiful, amazing creation of HaShem.

Muslims hate this life and want out. Jews love this life and thank HaShem for it a hundred times a day…