Holocaust Education: What Is it?

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The good news is that I sensed in the online posts about the Holocaust this week a welcome reconsideration of it, that is, our remembrance of it after making it a major project of it over the last generation. There are more than 100 memorials to the Holocaust in the US and not coincidently, produced by the same largely unobservant Jewish community that is dying, committing collective Jewish suicide via intermarriage. For these same Jews, remembering the Holocaust is the heart of their Jewish identity. I see them as Holocaust cultists. For them the zakhor veshamor, remembering and preserving the Sabbath, the 4th commandment, remembering the Holocaust is their substitute, with seriously negative consequences. There is a connection between their irreligiosity, Holocaust remembrance and fatal plague of marrying out of the Jewish people…