Expulsion? Yes!

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The good news was that Chairman of the Knesset Constitution, law and justice Nissim Slomianski, was drafting legislation to exile the family of wild Arabs like these. The bad news is that it will call for exile for half the time the captured terrorist will be sentenced to prison. I guess this means a terrorist may get 10 years in the slammer and the family sent to Gaza for five. Thus it is good news and bad news for it bears the hallmark of an attempt to reform the terrorist. Why?

Israel must rethink what prison is for, for such types. It cannot be like prisons elsewhere where the inmates as a rule are fully aware they broke a law they should not have. The bank robber knows and knew before his attempt that it was against the law and no bank robber in history, I believe, as ever tried to justify his robbery as an act of patriotism and/or holy war; none have ever tried to argue that there was nothing wrong with what they did, and it was wrong for the authorities to punish them.

This is what we are faced with here. John Kerry was here last week and went to Ramallah and spoke out against these acts of terrorism over the last two months and boy did he get from the Ancient Ones. How dare he call what these teenage Ishmaelites with the knives are doing “terrorism.” It is “freedom-fighting,” it is the “armed struggle.” And this clash between what Westerners see and call terrorism and what the Arabs call the “armed struggle” has been at heart of the Arab war against Israel and really Islam’s war against the West…