Europeans as AntiJew as Ever

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Yesterday at the UN in New York, that cesspool of world antiJewitis — anyone who doubts that needs to see my research into its voting patterns displaying clearly an obsession with the world’s only Jewish state — ambassadors from Britain, France, Germany, Russia, each with an indelible history of antiJew behavior, with the Chinese, met with Iran’s ever-smiling, wonderfully fluent in English foreign minister Zarif and all agreed they would find a way circumvent President Trump’s sanctions meant to strangle Iran’s oil economy. They met with the foreign minister of what all their intelligence agencies agree is the puppet master of most of the terror and violence in the world, global Public Enemy No. 1, the most criminal of states on the international scene. For these major countries, the fact of Iran’s criminal status was no barrier to wanting to sustain trade, and even help the Iranians develop their nuclear capability, nations who surely know that Iran’s leaders in public have joked about destroying Israel, G-d forbid, with one atomic bomb. In a word, Europe remains as antiJew as ever…