Barak: “Feiglinite Extremists”

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…Well, as of this webcast, it remains to be seen, the fate of the Ulpana neighborhood at Beit El. As with Migron, a truly unelected by the people or their representatives High Court is the true decisor of the future of the State of Israel.

And it has not helped that Mr. Netanyahu, notorious like his father apparently, for fence sitting attempts always to please both sides. Bibi just a few weeks publically, you may remember, smilingly, told outgoing Chief Justice Dorit Benisch how much he supports the Court and its independence from politics. He didn’t want to talk about changing it.

Bibi is too smart for such rubbish. He knows that in the liberal democracies supreme courts are not so independent as to be closed, self-selecting clubs of like-minded people. On the contrary, common sense dictates that a panel of judges should be balanced between left and right, different tendencies and inclinations, because that is the nature of man. HaShem Himself reveals Himself as the G-d of Justice and Power as Elokim, and the God of Mercy – HaShem. And we, His highest creation, have hearts and brains. The human body locates the heart slightly left of center, where it should be, but above it in the middle is the brain.

Versus Israel’s almost monolithic panel of mostly Enlightened, progressive, liberal, anti-religionist Illuminati who have transcended the folly of religion and they too believe in the “Palestinians” as the victims of Zionism who must be catered to in order reach peace with them…