Balfour Day and Rabin, Jr.

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And so Islam is the religion of thieves who shamelessly stole the story of Abraham and Isaac and re-wrote it. The binding took place not in Jerusalem on the future temple mount, they say, but in Mecca on the Qaaba stone that in Muhammad’s day had been a pilgrimage site for pagans worshiping 365 idols on it. And when asked to explain the discrepancy between the Jewish and Muslim versions of this most famous, world-historical little story, some 300 words, Muslims say the Jews stole it from them and “changed words from their context.” The accusation appears numerous times in the Quran. Muslims say Moses, whose name these lisping illiterate outlaws botch as Musa, not Moshe, brought down from Mt. Sinai not the Five Books but the Quran, and at the bottom of the mountain the Jews snatched it from him and re-wrote it. In basic Islamic doctrine, the Jews are the thieves of holy scripture…