Another Wrongheaded Peace Plan

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The UN, whose record on the Jews is strong evidence that the spiritual and mental disease of antiJewitis did not end when the State of Israel came into being, as the secular Zionists thought it would.

It truly is a disease, a dis-ease. AntiJews are not happy people, ill at ease, upset and angry all the time at the children of Jacob-Israel in their obsession with us. And because it is a baseless hatred, based on accusations of Jews doing terrible things Jews don’t, it has not been responsive to the remedy the post-religious Zionists thought their movement would provide. Their solution to antisemitism was to stop being a people inside other peoples, which caused friction. Keeping kosher and keeping the Sabbath isolates Jews from their host country, “You lot stick together,” say the Brits. The Zionists said this causes friction, so let us create out own state in our forlorn wasteland of a homeland, and when we do, we will become a normal, nation and Poof! antisemitism will evaporate with the morning dew…