An Israeli Dreams of Gaza

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…On the other hand, this evening there was light in the darkness from the Czech Republic where a member of the European Parliament, one Petr Mach, is setting up a caucus in the Euro-Parliament in support of the resurrection of Jewish civilization in Judea and Samaria a.k.a. the settlements. He sees the caucus working against the BDS activists. This is something new in Europe, and it is likely a product of the current wave of Muslim atrocities, their series of massacres of innocent people, their rape and molestation en masse of women and girls.

As some Europeans are stiffening their backbones and being honest about the menace of Islam that no amount of dreaming by Angela Merkel of acculturating these people to Western ways will change, so there will be Europeans who side with Israel in its resistance to handing Judea and Samaria back to the Muslims. Ergo, the settlements will stay and the army will remain to protect them, and the right thing to do is not work to uproot them but defend them as an allied front in the global jihad the Muslims wage against the world…