The Pope’s Same-Old Same-Old

  Sunday - May 25, 2014 11:10 AM EST

Internet Radio

…The big story in Israel today is the visit of the Pope of Rome, the church which baptized Adolf Hitler and so many of his henchmen. And here he was parroting the post-modernist wisdom about us Jews in Terra Sancta, the evil clichés about “both sides having to make sacrifices to create two states with internationally recognized borders, for the good of their people,” an evil cliché for the moral equivalence implied between us civilized Jews here, the victims of Arab aggression and our murderers, these sub-civilized, barbaric, savage people whose brains are as filled with antiJew lunacy as that of Adolf Hitler and friends; whose brains are packed with fantasies of invented Jewish crimes which justify their demands for Jewish property. They covet the wealth we have created here and have concocted a narrative to justify why it all belongs to them and why they have the right to murder us because we stole it from them. And here was the Pope of Rome having swallowed this narrative like a communion wafer…
Northern Israel