The Nakba Day Follies

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…This is how the Associated Press led off its coverage today of the scenes of violence: “Israeli troops clashed with Arab protesters Sunday along three hostile borders, including the frontier with Syria, leaving at least 12 people dead and dozens wounded in an unprecedented wave of demonstrations marking a Palestinian day of mourning for their defeat at Israel’s hands in 1948.”

This is fascinating. This is a complete re-writing of what happened in 1948, which should not surprise us. The head of the Palestinian Authority is a Holocaust Denier and thus a re-writer of history. The whole of the Palestinian Narrative rests on a re-writing of history; of what happened in 1948. And here is the MSM, the AP, regurgitating this revision of events in 1948 that is as much a rape of history as Holocaust Denial.

Here the AP writes that in 1948 Israel defeated the “Palestinians.” Excuse me, but the combatants were the IDF and the Egyptian army, and the Arab Legion of Jordan, and the Syrian army, units of the Iraqi army. There were no “Palestinian” forces on the battlefields.

Israel defeated the Arab armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. There was no “Palestinian” force as that word is used today, and in large part because the only people using the term “Palestinian” at the time were the Jews.

What these Arabs have done over the last generation, really half-century, is via their terrorism inject into civilization their version of reality, which includes not only this wacky historiography but their ethics in conflict with other peoples. I wanted to say their “battlefield ethics” but one of their characteristics is their refusal to confront their enemies on a battlefield, army to army. Their preferred form of violence is not attacking an enemy’s people’s soldiers but murdering the soldiers’ mothers and sisters and grandparents in their beds, in their buses, in their restaurants.

So actually I think, so far, it was very good day for Israel for we were expecting much worse. I expected much worse in 2000, when my worst fears never materialized. I was worried then about the young bucks in the next village coming at us in a coordinated, pre-planned assault, which I now know they don’t have the right stuff All these wild Arab teenagers want to do is stone Jews and play cat and mouse games in the streets.

These people are losers. JPost online this afternoon reported that an 18 year-old Israeli man was injured when stones were thrown at his car in the mixed neighborhood of A-Tur in Jerusalem; and a masked Arabian there was arrested after throwing a Molotov cocktail.

Last night in Jerusalem police killed an Arab youth in the Silwan section. There was of course that sad death in Tel-Aviv but over all, this much-feared Nakba Day, as of this evening, turned out to be a pretty big nothing. The same old, same old. Mobs of stone-throwing Ishmaeli males the likes of which Moshe Montefiore complained about 150 years ago.

Today’s events were more evidence – as if we needed any more – that the Oslo strategy of 18 years ago, was misconceived. The idea was to work together and via confidence-buildings measures designed by such famous political scientists as Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD and soul-mate Dr. Martin Indyk, PhD, the two sides would learn to live and work together and the hostility would abate.

But now ask yourselves: those Arab boys today with their flying rocks: are they even a smidgen less hostile to Israel than their older brothers and cousins were 18 years ago? I don’t see any change. Itamar Marcus at PMW has been recording the changeless, antisemitic insanity of the official PA TV, radio and newspapers. No change. Same old, same old.

Today in JPost hard copy, Khalid Abu Toameh reported that yesterday that nice, peace-loving moderate secularist Mahmoud Abbas said the PA leadership will never forsake the right of return or sign a peace deal without Jerusalem as the capital of Balestine.

And there you have it. This is a declaration of a man and a group of people whom he represents who have not accepted Israel’s right to exist, which was the basis the so-called Oslo peace process. It was a lie then that they has, and since then there has been no peace for Israel because it was a lie. This is the statement of man who does not want peace but really a perpetual license to hate and attack Jews because, since he is not comatose, he knows that not even Dr. Joseph Beilin, PhD would agree to a right of return and no Israeli politician/leader would be a leader were he to surrender Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Western Wall, to the Arabs.

A man who says this does not want peace. He wants to continue the status quo….