Talking to our Enemies

Internet Radio

…Yours truly would much prefer an Israeli representative to speak the truth that there is no greater violation of human rights than having your teenage daughter, schmoozing with girl friends in a pizza parlor, get her head blown off by a soul-mate of every one of those Muslim devils on 9-11 and in scores of other horrors perpetrated by these Muslim barbarians.

Israel’s ambassador might change his tack and stop apologizing and expressing only good will toward the Balestinians and tell his audience there are no Palestinians. They are the same Muslim maniacs with the ethics of Neanderthals that have become a curse all over the world. From the Philippines to Thailand, to India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Kenya, Indonesia, Iran, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Nigeria, every one of them in recent years the scene of satanic massacres of innocent people.

I would tell my listeners that Islam is this generation’s imperialist Leviathan as rapacious as Nazism and Communism, and like them wildly antisemitic, which is perfectly understandable. The national independence celebration of the Jews each spring, Passover, is about the breaking of the chains of slavery, when all totalitarians want to rule over not citizens or even subjects but slaves…