Kavanaugh and Sexual Madness

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the 1960s, the first American astronauts with the “Right Stuff” were rightly seen as American heroes, those “daring young men on the flying trapeze,” and Hillary Clinton wanted to be one of them, though I doubt she considered the route they took to arrive at that position. They were test pilots and fighter pilot combat veterans, and the fact they were no women among them was not the work of a nefarious patriarchal society.

It was societally expected after the loss of so many young men in World War II that young American women were eager to marry and have children, be mothers and wives. Versus Hillary who rejected that. She is on record sneering that the alternative to her political career was baking cookies for a family.

But this whole woman’s life has been, ironically, a feminist disaster, even a feminist nightmare…