Islam As An Excuse

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…So yesterday, these Disciples of the Temple, thinking it means Disciples of Jerusalem, launched a coordinated military attack on Egyptian army positions and murdered any civilians who appeared to be helping them. One figure set the attackers at 300. The battle went on all day. Eventually, with Israeli permission, the Egyptian air force struck back with at least one F-15 and a couple of Apache attack helicopters. In the end, one report said 100 of the attackers, who last week pledged allegiance to ISIS, were killed, dozens of Egyptian personnel too.

This is the true face of the Arab Spring, if not according to multi-millionaire expert Thomas L. Friedman who makes millions for his “brilliant” analyses. This idiot, blinded by his need to see the bad guys in the Middle East the Jews and not the Muslims, thought in 2011 he was witness to a revolution for freedom and liberty and democracy and free speech, and respect for women.


The Middle East is bubbling these days with massacres launched by an endless supply of homicidal Muslim maniacs for whom shooting weapons and killing people is their greatest thrill next to imaginable the ultimate one of being killed as a shahid, a martyr who is launched into Muslim Paradise where he will frolic 24/7 in a drunken sex orgy violently deflowering virgins for all eternity. This is the ultimate high for arguably the most monstrous people on Planet Earth, these violent Muslims on fire with hamas, Islamic piety at its most passionate and bloody…