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  Sunday - March 28, 2010 4:43 PM EST

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Webcast Title: Ignorance Emoting
Webcast Date: 03/28/2010
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(March 28, 2010) …Now, for those who don’t know: university professors of religion are, by and large, not at all religious but debunkers of religion, starting with what they call the Old Testament whose first Five Books, they say, were not written by Moses but a cabal, if you will, of rabbis centuries after the time of Moses (if he really existed at all) who had access to maybe a half dozen or so different versions of the Five Books which they edited into one.

And never mind the idea of a committee of rabbis all agreeing on one meaning for every verse. The Talmud, for those who don’t know, is eighteen volumes of rabbis arguing with one other.

Anyway, Prof. Robert Wright commenting on world affairs objected to a recent opinion peace by the Christian Zionist and religious conservative Gary Bauer who wrote that “the East Jerusalem settlements are entirely within the city of Jerusalem and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.”

Said Prof. Dr. Robt. Wright in reply, “That’s artful wording, but it doesn’t change the fact that East Jerusalem, far from being part of ‘the capital of Israel,’ isn’t even part of Israel. East Jerusalem lies beyond Israel’s internationally recognized pre-1967 borders. And the common assertion that Israel ‘annexed’ East Jerusalem has roughly the same legal significance as my announcing that I’ve annexed my neighbor’s backyard. In 1980, the United Nations explicitly rejected Israel’s claim to possess East Jerusalem. And the United States normally vetoes U.N. resolutions that Israel finds threatening, this time chose not to do so.”

This is a guy I feel who has never read one serious book on the Israel’s War of Independence and its denouement or the Six-Day War. Every writer regardless of political slant knows that in 1967 Israel had no “internationally recognized borders.” On the contrary, in 1949, Israel and all its neighbors had signed cease-fire documents which explicitly, in black and white, said these lines are not borders.

And when he mocks Israel annexing East Jerusalem and likens it to annexing his neighbor’s backyard, here is a PhD who is no more thinking than those earlier bloggers; he is just emoting. In addition to not knowing that there were no borders in 1967, he seems not to know Israel did not annex a place called “East Jerusalem.” The term was not in use, and Israel rightly saw itself reuniting a city that had been split by a wall even uglier than the Berlin Wall.

And as for the 1980 vote against Israel by the U.S., he is right: the U.S. normally did not do such things, and the only reason for the anomaly in 1980 was the fact of the president being James Earl Carter who we now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is a lying antisemite.

So here is the much classier Herr Doctor Editor-in-Chief of the Progressive Realist and Professor of Religion at the University of Pennsylvania thinking like the yahoos we first looked at; that is to say, he is an ignoramus with a woefully cracked version of the situation here.

And I fear it is a narrative like the one in Robert Wright’s head that is found as well in the brain of Prince Barack Hussein.

This morning in Israel, Yediot ran a small piece on an anonymous member of Bibi’s team in Washington last week who sounded just hysterical in his view of Obama as a “security catastrophe” for Israel precisely because he is now, unlike all other U.S. presidents, firmly on the Arab side in his grotesque distortion of the truth.

In his mind, Obama’s mind, we Jews in Israel are the villains and will be treated by him as such.

Oy Gevalt

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