Who Owns Balestine?

  Thursday - October 6, 2016 7:13 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…The projectile landed in the middle of residential street. The blast sent two Jews into shock, a young girl, I think, and sixty-year-old man. The blast did damages, blew out windows in parked cars. The two were scooped up and raced to Hospital in Ashkelon, where they surely have treated since 2001 hundreds even thousand of Jews terrified by falling projectiles meant to kill them.

The IDF went into action, as usual with counter-strikes by F-16s. Hamas targets were demolished but on the return, in his final approach to the airbase runway, something went terribly wrong. And pilot and navigator pull the ejection seat handle. The navigator walked away with minor injuries. The plane was completely demolished. The 34-year-old Jewish husband father, to a child with another on the way, did not survive.

So the IDF also used tanks outside the Gaza Jurassic Park barrier too.

There were more projectiles today.

The most contested piece of dry land on the third planet from the sun.

It was normal day. Goyim trying to murder at random, even if post-Jewish Israelis don’t see it that way…

Northern Israel