What Israelis Lack

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…And I can only wonder how long it will take the powers here to see that what is going is functionally in Gaza a religious activity. These are Sunni Muslims but what they are doing is reminiscent of the Shiites in Iran who commemorate the assassination of Hussein ibn Ali, grandson of Muhammad — the Hussein Barack Obama is named for — by slicing razor blades across their scalp. The scalp contains a lot of veins and capillaries so when it bleeds it can pour down in rivulets which is what they want, these blood-thirsty savage Muslims. There is something of this mortification going on in Gaza in which thousands of boys show up and it is likely an honor to be wounded by al-Yahud. As the German nobility would even pay a barber to slice his cheek so he can pretend he sustained the scar a double of honor, so these Muslims boys coming for what we deliver which has the double purpose of personal glory but contributing to the image of al-Yahud as cold-blooded killers of innocent protestors, the Jews as child-killers…