We Shall Overcome

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…One of our problems here is the collapse of Western civilization just when we need it. In our struggle for peace, prosperity and basic survival, under attack by barbarians, we live in a period of history when, ironically, the very words barbaric, barbarians, barbarism have disappeared from the conversation. They have become politically incorrect in the wake of centuries of Western domination and the spreading of Christian civilization around the globe, which has now fallen into disfavor.

As a schoolboy in American I was taught that the great explorers and creation of distant colonies was for “gold, glory and the gospel”; material riches, self-love of the conquerors and the spreading of Christianity among still idolatrous and cruel, barbaric people.

We live in an age when those imperialists have been “re-assessed” and condemned for their “racist, imperialist” abuse of other peoples whose culture was just as valuable as that of Christendom. Today they are called multiculturalists who bristle at the slightest insinuation that the Judeo-Christian West is superior to all other cultures…