Vaporize Teheran Now

Internet Radio

…The good news out of France today was the refusal of authorities, I assume at Charles DeGaulle Airport, to allow into the country three Saudi women encased in burqas. It is a law now in France that you cannot walk around like that.

And may there be many more laws like it to combat the penetration of Muslim culture into France. I’ve said it before: Islam should be disallowed in the liberal democracies because Muslims practice polygamy. May the French, may Washington, London and Denmark for starters wake up to the reality that polygamy practiced by Muslims can in an historical wink of the eye transform a whole country. Think of Pharaoh who saw that the fertility of Jewish woman and the low infant mortality of their babies perhaps would lead to the Jews taking power away from the Egyptians in their own country. Hence his post facto birth control degree about slaying all the Jewish male babies.

Now of course no one should legislate such a law today in a liberal democracy against Muslim male babies. But one can hope for legislation that has the people of a liberal democracy collectively pass judgment on Islam and declare it unwelcome because nowhere has Islam produced liberal democrats…