Turkey: End of the Road

Internet Radio

…No. Israeli journalists and other Leftists who think and write this way just can’t face the truth that Obama’s hostility to Bibi has not a scintilla of grounding in anything Bibi ever said or did to him or anybody. He hates Bibi as the King of the Jews, the Jews who make men like him envious, and homicidally so. They see in Bibi and Israelis and Jews successful people — far more successful than Obama’s father’s Muslims and Kenyans and Arabs, which makes him feel inferior and projects onto Bibi a contempt for his inferiority. Obama looks at Bibi and smirks to himself, “You think you are better than me. We’ll I’ll show you.”

It is simply intolerable that Barack Hussein Obama has such a friendship and professional relationship with Recep Erdogan without the friends of Israel in the United States publicly calling him out on this…