Too Jewish and What’s A Stranger?

  Tuesday - January 30, 2018 3:00 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Take, for example, the current aggression against Israel for working to expel tens of thousands of illegal invaders who do not invade in order to live with the Jewish people as either proselytes or Noachides, but just for a better economic situation. Even the post-Jewish, trendy, Leftie High Court in Israel approved the government plan to expel them. But that means nothing to the 750 so-called rabbis of the Reform Jewish community — which name is copyright infringement for there is nothing Jewish in what is called Reform Judaism. It is not, plain and simple, Judaism. But more of that, I am sure, further on.

Today we read of these 750 “rabbis” and other Jewish clergy who signed a letter to the government telling it to reverse this deplorable policy, or words to that effect. JPost reported the letter was launched by the New Israel Fund, HIAS, T’ruah and Right Now. That’s a new one on me. These are all groups hostile to Israel who cloak their hostility in “critical love.”

And that they behave this way is proof of their hostility because in the first decades of the State, the policy of the organized, non-Orthodox American Jewish community was that since they themselves do not live here, they supported whomever the democratic state of Israel’s people elected to lead them. So when Menachem Begin in 1977 replaced three decades of social democratic rule, the AIPAC and other pro-Israel groups switched gears and began supporters of the Begin government.

But no longer. In this generation, there are American Jews who believe they know better than the Jews who live here that keep reelecting right-wing governments who decided to expel these invaders…

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