“They’re Syrians!”

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…So last webcast, on Thursday, I speculated on not divorcing the turmoil in Syria from the surprise Hamas decision to sign an agreement with Fatah that it had rejected since October 14, 2009. Hamas is the Muslim Brothers and they see the Brotherhood in alliance with the military dictatorship that has run Egypt since 1952, and are drawn to Cairo. And also because the future in Damascus is wholly uncertain.

The next morning Haaretz reported that IDF MI/military intelligence briefed a delegation of seven US Congress members and told them “Hamas agreed to sign the reconciliation agreement with Fatah out of Hamas’ fears over the implications for its organization in light of the riots in Syria.”

Yeah. What I said.

Likewise the Arabic language, London-based Al-Hayat yesterday report that Hamas leaders had already decamped from Damascus for Doha, capital of Qatar.

Haaretz also reported on Friday that “the move to reconciliation has been almost entirely a Hamas move backed by Egypt.”

Abbas also told Israelis than even he was surprised to be asked by Egypt on Wednesday to meet Hamas representatives ready to sign that October 2009 agreement. Abbas said that under the circumstances, he could hardly say no. Other indications suggest this was very much a Hamas/Egypt demarche.

Israel is now worried that as announced by Egypt that in 10 days it will open the southern boundary of Strip which will change everything if it goes through with that – though there are those who doubt this will happen.

Israel is worried as well that the agreement many lead to letting loose some of Hamas’ antisemitic, homicidal maniacs at the moment in PA detention. It could ruin, if that is the word, IDF-PA collaboration in Judea and Samaria.

Today Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz suspended the constant river of millions of shekels flowing to the PA that Israel collects in taxes and customs duties on goods destined for the PA. That is a good move.

Like learning to be more outspoken about just who are enemies are, Israelis, Bibi, have to, if only for reasons of the self-respect – these sabra who accused the Jews who perished in the Holocaust of not having self-respect – cut off all assistance to Gaza. To the PA in Judea and Samaria.

Abbas links arms with Hamas but Israel still has to cooperate with Abbas and send his loyalists zillions of shekels?

How ironic on this Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Eve. These Israelis, when it comes to behaving in contemptible ways, can be sometimes no better than the Jewish martyrs in the Holocaust they were raised to look down on…