The War That Cannot Be Named

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Has there ever been such a war like this whose central conflict cannot be named? Whose contestants cannot be properly identified? AntiJews have gotten the world to call the Arabs here “Balestinians” when it was as clear as day this morning that the Muslim madmen were shrieking about Al-Aqsa Mosque. They shouted not a word about building their dream state of Balestine. These maniacs were self-identified as Muslims and their victims were not Israelis but Jews who believe they have the right to live free of Muslim tyranny.

Maybe you noticed too the choice of target this morning. Not a shul in a settlement where at least some of the men are armed. No, their targets were perfectly unarmed, defenseless Haredim who formally reject Zionism. A defenseless passel of Al-Yahud because, the bottom line, the Muslims make no distinction between Zionist Jews and non-Zionist ones. They are also cowards as usual for attacking men whom they knew could not fight back because they are unarmed…