The Really Unreal

  Tuesday - December 9, 2014 5:23 PM EST

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Oh, how they hate the idea of the Chosen People as they simultaneously choose Israel for special treatment via an obsessive focus on Judea, source of the word “Jew,” and Samaria, whose names they cover up with the nameless, anonymous “West Bank.”

Yesterday in the Hague the Balestinian Authority was listed by the International Criminal Court created by the United Nations, most of whose member-states are criminal enterprises, as a “non-state party observer,” which is what the PLO became at the UN in 1975 and remained until 2012 when it was sprinkled with antisemitic fairy dust and transformed into a state within the walls of the UN, if not outside them. The PA thus sees this as the first step to being admitted to the ICC as a state and therefore eligible to level war crimes charges against Israel.

The PA, though, may hesitate, for joining the ICC will open it up for counter-charges of war crimes made by Israel. Remember, in April the PA and HAMAS proclaimed a unity government so that legally speaking the 50-day missile barrage was under PA auspices, and in a court proceeding the practice of firing rockets at random into civilian areas would certainly under the Geneva Convention be considered a war crime. Ergo, the PA is likely not to charge head on in this direction…

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