The Looming Menace of Iran

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…In the past, Israel never publicly crowed over its successes, and Assad was allowed to deny they ever happened. He did not respond to Israeli operations.

But since March Syria has been attempting to shoot down Israeli planes and even claimed success, lying to the Syrian people.
Israel is reported to have asked the Russians to keep the Iranian forces now in Syria at least 40 kilometers from the border. Russia says 10 or 15 maybe.

In any case, bottom line, our strategic posture is about to change for the worse. The Iranians are driven by their Jew-hatred to provoke us. It makes them feel good. The Zionist entity of free Jews does not deserve to exist. It is doctrinally opposed to Islam and in practice has resulted in the outrageous situation in which Believers in Israel and the Palestinian territories are actually ruled over and ordered about by the infidel Jews.

In a related unrelated story today as well you likely came across, a lifetime Nazi-lover in the UK, one Kevin Wilshaw, declared he was living the movement because he is sodomite, and was persecuted for this by fellow Nazis, which helped him to see the reality of persecution. He also said his mother had Jewish blood, whatever that is…