The Government Falls

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Last item, in keeping with the top story of the end of this coalition in part due to the Jewish state legislation controversy: on Shabbos in Cairo, the Arab League foreign ministers declared their “categorical rejection of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.” They too, like America’s Conservative Jews, are unhappy, like Tsipi Livni, with seeing Israel as an unalloyed Jewish state above and beyond its general, democratic form of government.

The war against Jewish independence today is as powerful as ever, with our Hellenists making the mistake of thinking that Israel must therefore not be too Jewish as a way of winning over our enemies.

No. The opposite is the case. The more Israel remains true to its vocation as a people that dwells alone, a people that stood at Mt. Sinai with its back to the rest of the world, the stronger Israel will become…