The AntiJew York Times, II

Internet Radio

Excerpt from this day’s program:

…Let’s stop right here. If Kershner were my teenage daughter in a rebellious phase who talked like this to my face, I would want to give her a little slap in the face for this, insolent antiJew performance.

Her story about this satanic, evil triple kidnapping and homicide, accuses the State of Israel of error in its reading of the situation, of over-reacting. Of blaming Hamas in Gaza when it was not to blame.

This is also a form of insolence in writing that “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist group committed to Israel’s destruction” as if this were just Israel’s opinion and not necessarily the truth.

In my book, its spine is the coverage of Israel over decades by the New York Times and how the vocabulary has morphed; how, for example, before the Six-Day War the Times reported on Arab terrorists here, but afterwards the Times began placing quotation marks around the word “terrorist” to convey to the reader this was Israel’s view of them and not necessarily those of the New York Times…